Lost: One Jaw. Please Return to Owner

Sometimes, the universe, or a member of that universe, comes along as if to say, “you need a momentary distraction. May I help?”

And help he does.


That’s what I started to say, then learned it was a test shot. Really? What’s the class? Introductory Cardiac Arrest? The actual photoshoot is like, what, graduate work? Suddenly, the infatuatory part of me has stood up and strutted.

Thank heavens.

Currently, life has taken on shades of grey and I needed a black and white photo to not drain the color out of life, at least, not completely.

Here’s hoping one of the theatres livestreams Uncle Vanya. I could use something warm during a cold, Winnipeg winter. I can’t afford to hope a plane just yet. In the meantime, as the character supposedly sports ridiculous facial hair, that beard is about to get unsexy, really quick.

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