Finding My Funny: It’s Showtime!

Anyone remember Joss Whedon's movie Serenity? In particular, does anyone remember this exchange: Wash: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting Mal: Define 'Interesting.' Wash: Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die? Substitute 'landing' with a 'stand-up routine', timed at 4 minutes give or take, and you have how I feel at the moment. Jitters are … Continue reading Finding My Funny: It’s Showtime!

Peanut Butter and Jelly: The NBA’s Secret Addiction

I looked at the headline and thought ‘no way.’ However, NBA players love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, each one made according to the preference of the player. I hope they cut their own crusts…oh, who am I kidding.

It did make me hungry reading this article.


At ESPN, Baxter Holmes reports on how the lowly peanut butter and jelly sandwich fueled the 2007-08 Boston Celtics to an NBA title, becoming the sweet and salty stuff of superstitious sport legend that has spread like an addiction across the league.

But as the Garnett-Paul Pierce-Ray Allen Celtics steamrolled to a 66-win season and an NBA title, the secret to their success, so cleverly disguised between two pieces of white bread, was eventually leaked.

At the time, Doo notes, the Celtics not only didn’t provide lavish pregame spreads, they didn’t offer much food at all. But he soon found himself slapping together 20 PB&J’s about three hours before every tip-off, the finished products placed in bags and labeled with Sharpie in a secret code: “S” for strawberry, “G” for grape, “C” for crunchy. Of vital import: Garnett was an “S” man, and woe unto he who did not…

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Music Monday: Lovely Day By Bill Withers

Welcome to spring. After the freezing rain and the ice-rink-level sidewalks on Friday, I walked out to the bus stop today, remembering the flock of Canada Geese yesterday. One sure sign of spring. The morning breeze brought another, a smell in the air like the universe, or something, wants to resuscitate people from their stupor. … Continue reading Music Monday: Lovely Day By Bill Withers

Coffee-Break Reading

Every Friday, I look forward to Longreads Top 5 from around the web. Some articles I already found, like the first one on what happens when (not if) Queen Elizabeth does pass away. Others, like Ijeoma Oluo, came up today and in the case of this one, takes time and self-awareness to read. Enjoy.   This … Continue reading Coffee-Break Reading

Finding My Funny: Nearing Showtime

Next week, I will take the stage at PTE for my first stand up set. I have jokes, ways to say them, but will not know if they will get laughs until the closing cabaret. I know in the end, seeing a stand-up special will never be the same for me. Cristela Alonso in her … Continue reading Finding My Funny: Nearing Showtime

Hollywood Comes North

Winnipeg, land of snow, ice, and... filmmaking? Believe or not, this city had some films shot here. Usually, we get straight-to-video horror movies, including the latest, Cult of Chucky, with a scene filmed just across the street from the library in January: The building in the background is the old police station, also known as … Continue reading Hollywood Comes North