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Forget Ultron, The Avengers’ real enemy takes on no form, but can mutate quickly. Its name is Hype. Early reviews on the film confirmed people waited to pick it apart a little more in comparison to the last film. It’s darker, but complain about being too dark. They complain about Black Widow, but they at […]

Sunday nights my PVR almost overheat from the shows I record. The Walking Dead has finished, but Mad Men shows its final episodes on AMC, Game of Thrones continues its intrigue on Movie Central, while Outlander captivates on Showcase after breaking for nearly six months. Watching The Walking Dead as people try to outwit humans, […]

Oh baby: Check out the official poster for #Marvel's @Avengers: #AgeOfUltron! — Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) February 24, 2015 Hard to believe the sequel will release very soon. Nearly 3 years have passed since The Avengers. The successive movies, plus TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D show a different setting as the venerable agency couldn’t stop a hydra […]

*Sigh* I never get tired of that picture: The computer at the learning commons help desk, the technical department I work at twice a week, switched out their towers. The new CPU has Windows 8.1, but I save my work on a stick, attached to my lanyard around my neck. My office computer, a laptop […]

I troubleshoot for a living. In addition to finding books, students and staff bring me their concerns about laptops, data projectors, wireless among other things. Most problems, as some may attest, fall under ‘Operator Error’. I checked Digital Theatre’s FAQs, downloaded the player, and tried again.  I filled in the information, input my card number, […]