Music Monday: Portals By Alan Silvestri

Over the weekend I watched 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 'Avengers: Endgame.' The tone and mood of the movies matched what's going on in my life. Last week, my campus had a study break to enable staff, and students, to prepare for online learning. I scrambled to brush on WebEx, a meeting software provided by the … Continue reading Music Monday: Portals By Alan Silvestri

And Breathe

Alright, I admit to borrowing the bio line for Tobia Menzies Twitter account. It suited what happened this week and the past five months. In grief, sometimes you forget to breathe. It's like once the person you love stops breathing, you forget you're still alive and must continue breathing. For nearly five months, my brother … Continue reading And Breathe

Scattered Thoughts on Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I went around my social media feeds to wish people the best of the season, with one Instagram post, also shared on Facebook acknowledging people mourning a loss. This year is a paradox. I sit on the couch seeing a mass broadcast from Immaculate Conception Basilica in Washington, DC, yet I … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts on Christmas Eve

Book Talk: Wanderers By Chuck Wendig

This just makes my mind boggle. Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers, profiled here and making the year-end lists everywhere else, DID NOT make the preliminary list for the Goodreads Choice Awards.

It took the author by surprise (See here: but readers can write in a vote before the list is finalized, and there’s a link on Wendig’s thoughts on the omission. If you read the book and hoped to make it your vote, write it in.

If you haven’t read it, pick up a copy or visit your library to put your name down on a hold list. (Winnipeg Public has 14 requests for the 5 copies they have in their collection.)

Stacks and Ranges

32603079._sy475_ Image: Goodreads

Around page 534 of Wanderers, I made a rare status update while updating my Goodreads books. Holy Crap this book, I wrote making me begin another novel, something fun to overlap it and be the next read.  I continued reading the book, and when I turned the last page, I felt something rarely felt after the book closes-emotionally spent.

Wanderers tells an intricate story of humanity coming to an end. From a core cast of characters beginning with Shana Stewart, an aimless 18-year-old. We see the sleepwalking outbreak unfold. Nessie, her younger sister, gets up and begins sleepwalking, soon joined by a teacher in town, the seeds of the ‘flock’ beginning. Needles can’t penetrate their skin, no need to urinate or defecate; they walk towards some mysterious endpoint. Anyone attempting to restrain them, well, you have to read it to see the consequences of doing it. …

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Lost: One Jaw. Please Return to Owner

Sometimes, the universe, or a member of that universe, comes along as if to say, "you need a momentary distraction. May I help?" And help he does. Yoink! That's what I started to say, then learned it was a test shot. Really? What's the class? Introductory Cardiac Arrest? The actual photoshoot is like, what, graduate … Continue reading Lost: One Jaw. Please Return to Owner

Music Monday: The Last Song Of Your Life by P!nk

If you had one song left inside your soul What would you sing tonight? If you had one chance left before we're old The last song of your life What is it you wait for? Tell me who you are Not what you've rehearsed All the other parts   Friday, August 2, 2019, … Continue reading Music Monday: The Last Song Of Your Life by P!nk

The Next, Next Hard Part

One of the people from Red River shared a Thorton Wilder quote. He said, "If you write to impress it will always be bad, but if you write to express it will be good." I wrote two of the most difficult pieces of writing that's not fiction or a blog post. The first was my … Continue reading The Next, Next Hard Part