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When a book gets adapted, I look the title up at the Winnipeg Public Library site to see if it’s available or its current status. If the book title involves Richard Armitage, double or triple that curiosity. I took a peek at Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer, a sliding-doors-esque novel with 37 copies and […]

Around page 534 of Wanderers, I made a rare status update while updating my Goodreads books. Holy Crap this book, I wrote making me begin another novel, something fun to overlap it and be the next read.  I continued reading the book, and when I turned the last page, I felt something rarely felt after […]

I had 12 books out of the library at one time.  I had a plan, usually involving renewals, with three renewals the going limit until I finally read the book. This time, I decided to return the ten books I had out, including two that reached their limit but finally began reading.  Both books, Blackout […]

Last week I posed a picture of my damp copy of Health at Every Size. How bad did it look after drying off? I went online to order a replacement copy, and a couple of more items. One particular book titled Cinnamon and Gunpowder shapes up as my next read. It tells the story of a […]

Tuesdays monsoon not only soaked my clothes, it soaked the book in my bag. Health at Every Size arrived barely a month ago, and I hoped to make it well-used by highlighting and post it flags. The cover has crinkled, some pages are still damp, and it would take a while to completely dry off the pages. […]