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The Last Kingdom just released their new season en masse instead of weekly like they did last year. I suspect the algorithm discovered people bided their time and binged a few at a time or all of it. The show, in nutshell, deals with a Saxon-turned-Dane named Uthred as he walks between two worlds at […]

Mondays mean another installment of Wolverine: The Long Night, unspooling the mysterious goings-on in Burns, Alaska. While the bloke takes centre stage as Logan, Brian Stokes Mitchell adds his melodic voice as Prophet, the cult leader with stuff to hide. (Of course.) Mitchell already graced Broadway stages in Man of La Manchester among other credits […]

Good-bye 2017, try not to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I decided on a solitary new year, something younger me would think makes a person a loser, usually because someone else said it and I believed it as gospel. I watched The Avengers and its sequel yet again, […]

“So much wasted time.” I read the Twitter moment quoting David Cassidy’s final words, shared by his daughter Katie (aka Black Canary on Arrow.) Cassidy’s passing had many women reflect on their teen years with his picture on their walls, spinning his records as the soundtrack to their fantasies. I watched the reruns like everyone […]

It’s my favourite story to tell from my bookselling days. An innocent instruction to a customer motivated me to read the book everyone talked about, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. Long story short, during one of my early cash shifts at McNally Robinson Booksellers I told a customer the line-up began in the centre. The woman came to […]