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This academic year, I learned a new word applying a series of changes happening around me at work: change saturation. It means so much change has happened, in short bursts without room to absorb, you can’t do it anymore. I put my vacation request as soon as the call went out to start thinking about […]

I came for Richard Armitage’s performance reading Joy Ellis’ Their Lost Daughters. Mysteries are not normally my thing compared to other people. Winnipeg has a bookstore called Whodunit, richly deserving of its recent expansion, for anyone’s mystery needs. McNally Robinson has a pretty good section, and readers love their UK writers. I remember during my […]

Oasis sang about not looking back in anger, although the Gallagher brothers need to take their own advice, at least, regarding their spat in the press. Women, on the other hand, always get told never to get angry, always pay the price for expressing anger, always suppress anger to the point of getting sick. Some […]

I stepped under the bar without added weight, the thing alone weighs 45 pounds. (I confirmed it.) The bar rests across my shoulders, muscles begin to complain about its use thanks to sudden aches stretching from my shoulders and down my lat. (What!? Why are we being used!?) I take two steps back and begin […]