Open Mic Jitters: The Anxious Sequel

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Other Duties As Assigned

If I sneeze one more time, the brain cells left will not help me tackle my to-do list. My blog break turned into a week and a few days. The trees budded and I keep forgetting every spring, my nose stuffs up, and my sneezes echo through the now-empty library at work. Add watery eyes and …

Taking a Blog Break

Not to worry it's only for a week. I just need to refill my brain.    

“Texas is Gilead and Indiana is Gilead”

I read The Handmaid’s Tale in 1986, the book itself a new addition to my high school library. At the time I regarded it, much like 1984, a nice little escape into one world not my own. After all, thought my high school self, this will never happen, we know better now.

Many years later I wince at my idealism. I have Serena Joy many times. She’s the Catholic Women’s League member back at my old parish; she’s the Evangelical homeschooling her kids and on it goes.

It’s time to go back to Gilead, idealism mostly dead, pragmatically knowing things don’t die, and it’s up to us to contend with them once they come up.


The Hulu adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale could not have been more timely, and therefore chilling. “In February, the book overtook George Orwell’s 1984 on the Amazon best-seller list. Texas is Gilead and Indiana is Gilead and now that Mike Pence is our vice president, the entire country will look more like Gilead, too.”

In The New Republic, Sara Jones (a former fundamentalist Christian whose education prepared her for a life of tending home and making babies and obeying a husband) writes about The Handmaid’s Tale, how its world could not exist without conservative women — represented in the book by the character Serena Joy — and what it ultimately means for those women’s lives.

America is rich in Serena Joys. One need look no further for her contemporary counterparts than Michelle Duggar and her daughters; or Paula White, the televangelist who allegedly led Donald Trump to Christ

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A Sweaty Story Time or Hearing David Copperfield While Working Out

I began Chapter 13 of David Copperfield, setting the timer to 15 minutes on the Audible app, and started walking around the track overlooking the gym at the Downtown YMCA. The walk always starts my work out allowing the book to play and no worries about cars nearly mowing me down, just people walking or …

Music Monday: Body Love Part 1 & 2 By Mary Lambert

I read a lot of body positive/fat positive blogs, and Twitter feeds. It's part of reclaiming my body from all the shit and labels layered over it, each word like an explosive device detonating the negative attached to the thinking connected with my body. Once, I looked at a classmate askance as she said, "I'm …