Music Monday: Fatima’s YMCA Work Out Playlist

I started going back to the YMCA with the following wellness goals in mind: Prevent weight gain. Clear the mind. Important in creativity. Manage stress. Get my conditioning back and start running again. Adding movement to go with modifying food after hibernating all winter. Why the Y? I have one downtown and use it after … Continue reading Music Monday: Fatima’s YMCA Work Out Playlist

Top 10 Book Lover Struggles

For the record, I have struggled with all of it. I especially excel in number 9, losing my bookmark in my sheets. Too bad there 9a doesn’t exist, that’s leaving the book on your bed and somehow sleeping on it. That actually happened one night.

While I enjoy Goodreads, the Savvy Reader 50 Book pledge has shelves to customize and colour code, badges for various reading milestones, and allows for audiobooks as well.

The Savvy Reader

Hey, Savvy Readers!

Do you find there are a few recurring problems being a book lover? In ode to book lovers everywhere we decided to make a list of our favourite book lover struggles for you all to enjoy (and relate to). Here are our top ten favourite (or least favourite!) struggles when it comes to the printed word!

They’re all so true, it hurts.

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Music Monday: I’m Afraid of Americans By David Bowie

Over the weekend between errands and general lollygagging, I confirmed Berlin Station had made it's way to Canada, a piece of good news. Bad news, it's on iTunes, and I use a Chromecast. It's another headscratcher for Canadian viewers as one show from a network, like Graves, can end up on Google Play while another … Continue reading Music Monday: I’m Afraid of Americans By David Bowie

A Music Monday With No Music And Other Musings

My Monday in an image: No, I didn't stay up late watching the Oscars. I found out about the Best Picture debacle live on Twitter. Mistake numero uno, too much screen time. I wanted to see what song would the award, and I hoped Oscar did not go to 'City of Stars.' People talk about … Continue reading A Music Monday With No Music And Other Musings

Finally A Shared Article With Full Text

In the early Facebook years, 2007-09ish, I find an article to share after reading, reading it again, then thinking 'I must share this!'  The shareable features in WordPress allow me to do the same thing for both Twitter and Facebook. Good thing too in regards to the woman at the centre of this article from … Continue reading Finally A Shared Article With Full Text

The Last Decent Person in Washington

Just a word of warning. I tried opening the red, full-story, bar and got nowhere. The original source is the New York but even this excerpt from Longreads gives people a glimpse into Carla Hayden and the work she does at the Library Of Congress. (One of the holiest of holies in the library world … Continue reading The Last Decent Person in Washington

Finding My Funny

The email from the Prairie Theatre Exchange acting school reminded me about spots left in some their winter term classes. I already took a 20 week, yup 20, acting foundations class. I learned my mind was Teflon at the time while memorising a monologue for the class but helped me get out of some areas … Continue reading Finding My Funny