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Oasis sang about not looking back in anger, although the Gallagher brothers need to take their own advice, at least, regarding their spat in the press. Women, on the other hand, always get told never to get angry, always pay the price for expressing anger, always suppress anger to the point of getting sick. Some […]

I stepped under the bar without added weight, the thing alone weighs 45 pounds. (I confirmed it.) The bar rests across my shoulders, muscles begin to complain about its use thanks to sudden aches stretching from my shoulders and down my lat. (What!? Why are we being used!?) I take two steps back and begin […]

What project does he want to shout from the rooftops? I thought as I read Richard Armitage’s Christmas message about a project he couldn’t mention yet. Inevitably, come fangirls will sigh it will fall short of some standard they set for him. There are some Armitage projects I don’t own like Pilgrimage (note to self: […]

People make inferences all the time, sometimes tinged with past experiences they miss something major, others times things give off a set of wordless vibes, tucked at the back of your mind until later. For instance, I knew my grade 7 Language Arts class, now called English Language Arts (ELA), had a different makeup of […]

Everyone I talked to either online or in real life says the same thing: Where did the time go? No clue on this one except life did feel lived on fast forward this year. After hoping for a challenge in my library job, I got it, in spades. Hence the radio silence/sporadic writing. Again, I […]

The Last Kingdom just released their new season en masse instead of weekly like they did last year. I suspect the algorithm discovered people bided their time and binged a few at a time or all of it. The show, in nutshell, deals with a Saxon-turned-Dane named Uthred as he walks between two worlds at […]