The Stay-cay Countdown of 2018

Where I break my blogging silence and count down to my vacation. Book Recommendation: UnFu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop.

The Difference Between Being Broke and Being Poor

This started as a Twitter thread a while back. It’s worth another look in its illustrated form.


Words by Erynn Brook | Illustrations by Emily FlakeLongreads | June 2018

Erynn Brook is a feminist and freelance writer who studies media, people, communication and culture.

Emily Flake is an illustrator for The New Yorker, The Nib, MAD Magazine, and New Statesman, among other places. 


Editor: Michelle Legro
Art director: Katie Kosma

Support for this work was provided by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Great News Armitage Well Wishers!

When a new Richard Armitage project gets announced, the first question coming to mind, besides will he ever film a movie in Manitoba, usually involves will I get to see it as a Canadian? Berlin Station? Superchannel and that's only after season 1 long since aired. Brain on Fire? As said by SueBC, Netflix has …

Getting Into A ‘Headspace’

This is me on any given day, never mind bedtime: People's advice to 'get out of my head' sounds easy, but it's hard. Nobody says 'here are some ways to do it' leaving me to find ways to overthink less and do more. Enter Headspace. I read about Andy Puddicombe and Headspace in a book, …

(Audio)Book Talk: The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

In my first job at the *Carolyn Sifton-Helen Fuld Libray at St. Boniface Hospital, I had access to University of Manitoba's vast collection as a staff member. I took out Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber, only to carry it around for a while until I finally returned it, consigning it to my ever-growing and imagined TBR …

Music Monday: Through Heaven’s Eyes Sung By Brian Stokes Mitchell

Mondays mean another installment of Wolverine: The Long Night, unspooling the mysterious goings-on in Burns, Alaska. While the bloke takes centre stage as Logan, Brian Stokes Mitchell adds his melodic voice as Prophet, the cult leader with stuff to hide. (Of course.) Mitchell already graced Broadway stages in Man of La Manchester among other credits …

The Day Out

On Saturday, I decided to trade in Netflix for live theatre, namely RMTC's penultimate production of The Humans by Stephen Karam. The play opened in 2016, right in the middle of my New York trip (I saw A View from the Bridge instead), winning the Tony Award for best play later that year. This production runs …