The Three Goals of Blogging

For a little while I kept the blog mostly to myself.  The idea of people knowing about it kept me nervous and it's not like I never kept a blog before.  I completed a creative writing class, complete with reading out loud for classmates to offer advice, and it felt right to go ahead with … Continue reading The Three Goals of Blogging

Book Talk: Austenland

We all had our obsessions and pretty soon 'ringers' will have an actual hobbiton, complete with a pub, to visit.  Shannon Hale imagines a place for Jane Austen fans to visit and live out their Darcyesque fantasies.Austenland tells the story of Jane Hayes, reluctant artist, stuck in a job she doesn't like and has relationships … Continue reading Book Talk: Austenland

Guess That Dwarf

I really should create a new tag called 'I found this by accident'.  As mentioned in a previous post, I follow the development of The Hobbit from its director changes, to casting, and now to its production.  The keeps tabs on news and they seem to have a network of spies to rival MI-6.Pictures … Continue reading Guess That Dwarf

Kobo Klassics

I resisted getting an e-book.  The idea of not holding an actual book in my hand seemed a little blasphemous.  Alright it sounds melodramatic, but I grew up with books including lugging their weight around going to and from a library.Then I got my Kobo.After doing a little homework, even considering buying an ipad, I … Continue reading Kobo Klassics

The Thrill of the Search and the Agony of No Hits

I work in post-secondary setting with access to some form of training on EBSCOhost.  For those with a DIY streak either by necessity or choice, the database offers a variety of ways to learn how to search.  I noticed power point presentations, adobe flash videos, and even YouTube.  In fact EBSCOhost has its own channel … Continue reading The Thrill of the Search and the Agony of No Hits

Patience and Hobbits

The making of The Hobbit proves just as perilous as the quest itself.  It  made sense to make the prequel to round out The Lord of the Rings movies and it looked like the movie would never get made after MGM's collapse.  (That sound you hear is Bond fans letting out a sign of relief … Continue reading Patience and Hobbits

Rules for the Road

Students now blog or tweet as part of their studies.  Many already do it on their off time, but why do it as part of their studies if they already know how to 'do it'.  Setting up a blog or a Twitter account is more than just a username, password, and may be CSS for … Continue reading Rules for the Road