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I’m stuck. This isn’t writer’s block as ideas roll around in my head.  I feel writer stuck as in where do I go next in the blogging world?  I don’t have illusions of fame and fortune.  When I started this blog, it kept my creativity flowing, with the added bonus of people liking what I […]

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
You already know how to choose the perfect blog name and how to update your title and tagline to reflect your site’s personality. Now what? Maybe you don’t want to jump into the world of premium themes or custom CSS yet, but there are still simple tweaks you can…

I read a lot of library blogs by librarians, but Reader’s Salon represents an entire library system.  The contributor all work for the Winnipeg Public Library system, with each voice as unique as the selected topics . Why call it a ‘salon’?  Isn’t that for hairdressers?  you ask.  Actually, a salon once meant as Merriam-Webster […]

Every blogger takes a peek at their stats and number of followers on WordPress.  Yes, every one including the ones claiming ‘Pfft! Not me.’  I don’t know how the heck this happened, but I jumped from 130 to 237.  Hooray!  To those now following me  welcome and thank you.  To those earlier followers continued gratitude for your support. […]

My original idea had me writing about the conference today, and ending up at the awards dinner laughing my way through the gentlemen from Unshelved.    It’s still going to happen, but I discovered the blog spotlight prematurely published with only a few tasks completed on the Liebester Award.  Plus I didn’t write a paragraph […]

After using the Esquire theme for my blog, I decided a change was necessary.  Esquire looked great, but I didn’t like everything down at the bottom as a footer.  I had a look at a few themes, tried some on, and settled on ‘Pilcrow’ with its row of books.  I have tags and other information […]