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My last entry happened in mid-June with the staycation countdown. I had my time off, dealt with dad in the hospital, now out, and my parents are adjusting to life with homecare. The goal of my time off involved what direction to take the blog. In the end, I decided to go back to basics […]

I made a you-got-to-be-kidding-me discovery. I repeated myself with my New York post, right down to the two songs selected. I merely wrote the post and didn’t check as I usually do. Anytime I think of a song, I go back and check if I featured the song before. Often, I catch it, and lately, […]

It’s nearly 8 am and with no milk for coffee, I went to my local café for some scribbling and breakfast. The grocery store opens at 9, allowing me time to stock up on lunch items as the library returns to normal hours. The bright-blue bag in the picture is my grocery bag, ready to […]

Call it a rebrand, a retirement, or an old-fashioned needed for a change. I changed the name of the blog from Stacks and Ranges to Scenes from a Life. I started my blog as a sandbox for writing with hopes to turn it into a library blog. I will write about libraries from time to time […]

In blogging, much like my writing, I fly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes those pants are capris of many different colours, a good pair of blue denim, or in black. I have a germ and off I go. Rather than changing, I adjust much like an airplane makes its adjustments during take-off, landing, […]