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Around page 534 of Wanderers, I made a rare status update while updating my Goodreads books. Holy Crap this book, I wrote making me begin another novel, something fun to overlap it and be the next read.  I continued reading the book, and when I turned the last page, I felt something rarely felt after […]

People used to pull out their morning paper on the bus; I pull out my phone. The first app to open is Twitter, scanning the feed for local and international news. My Twitter also features some writers I follow, including Chuck Wendig, an author I heard about two years ago from someone during a NaNoWriMo […]

Vacation 2016 now enters its last few hours. I know it sounds dramatic, but three weeks off does that to a person. Three weeks of catching up and detoxing the year before getting ready for the next one. The library operates under its summer hours (8-4, Monday to Friday, Closed weekends) with few, if any […]

I’m saying, sludge yourself into the ass receptacle and peck keyboard keys like a hungry chicken until it makes words. Tap tap tap. Click click click. Or pick up one of the tools used by our distant ancestors — it is a tube filled with the liquid black souls of all the animals we’ve made […]