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I take full responsibility for the melodrama in those ‘Coding Saga’ posts. It will take a few week to fully process the class. One one hand if I looked at my first assignment, then my last project, improve peeks out in a few places. A little more time, more dedication could make things better. If […]

It’s week nine of this ten week course. Mentally, if my brain had feet, I have one foot out the door. Add one other thing to academic fatigue – Hannibal starts tonight. When I stayed home those two weeks in October, I caught up on the first two seasons.  As Hannibal ate the rude in […]

It’s week 5 of the 10 week course. I have part B of my design document to work on, and my Autobiography Page will submit as of this writing. Before tackling our final assignment, it’s a small one to apply what we learned. The verdict as I did it? Some things stick, others require poster […]

The instructor for my class doesn’t mind tweeting if nobody gets disturbed. As a social media nut even I have limits as to when, and where, to do it. I quickly captured a photo using my WordPress app on my phone. People may tweet, but how about a somewhat-live blog of a ten week course. […]