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The running joke amongst my friends involved the number of times I saw The Avengers. For the record, I saw the film nine times, usually with people going to see it the first time. I went through my fourth viewing of Daredevil, both seasons, never skipping to favourite episodes. I loved the show unfolding in its […]

Note Here there might be spoilers for Daredevil season 2. Proceed if you dare.   Remember all those words about savouring Daredevil on Netflix? It’s a bit like giving up chocolate for Lent, a good intention but never fulfilled in the end. I began watching on Friday night, popping one episode after another like the […]

Friday, March 4th looks like an ordinary day to most people, but it’s an important day for those with a Netflix account. It’s House of Cards release day, with 13 episodes for the taking. How best to view them? For some, it’s a slow unfolding over days, even weeks, but for me it takes it […]