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Every Friday, I look forward to Longreads Top 5 from around the web. Some articles I already found, like the first one on what happens when (not if) Queen Elizabeth does pass away. Others, like Ijeoma Oluo, came up today and in the case of this one, takes time and self-awareness to read. Enjoy.   This […]

In the early Facebook years, 2007-09ish, I find an article to share after reading, reading it again, then thinking ‘I must share this!’  The shareable features in WordPress allow me to do the same thing for both Twitter and Facebook. Good thing too in regards to the woman at the centre of this article from […]

Just a word of warning. I tried opening the red, full-story, bar and got nowhere. The original source is the New York but even this excerpt from Longreads gives people a glimpse into Carla Hayden and the work she does at the Library Of Congress. (One of the holiest of holies in the library world […]

Longreads publishes essays and features from short pieces to long-form like this one from Irish journalist JP O’Malley. I heard about the Magdalene Laundries and the iron-fisted control the church had over Ireland. What scares about this story, and stories of Indigenous children in residential school, is the belief the heinous acts pleased God. JP […]