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If you had one song left inside your soul What would you sing tonight? If you had one chance left before we’re old The last song of your life What is it you wait for? Tell me who you are Not what you’ve rehearsed All the other parts     Friday, August 2, 2019, exam […]

Last year, I listened to this song on repeat. To this day, I still haven’t seen The Greatest Showman and  the way they portray PT Barnum; Hugh Jackman can’t sing and dance his way around them. But this song, this song sung by Keala Settle…holy cow. For Keala Settle, even with Broadway experience, she talked […]

  Am I ready for the real world, will I pass the test? You know it’s a jungle out there Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop me, I won’t be second best, But the joke’s on those who believe the system’s fair, oh yeah People go back to school in increments in Winnipeg. Students at the college […]

Mondays mean another installment of Wolverine: The Long Night, unspooling the mysterious goings-on in Burns, Alaska. While the bloke takes centre stage as Logan, Brian Stokes Mitchell adds his melodic voice as Prophet, the cult leader with stuff to hide. (Of course.) Mitchell already graced Broadway stages in Man of La Manchester among other credits […]

In honour of their induction into the Hall of Fame during the Junos, one of my favourite tracks from The Barenaked Ladies. These guys are around my age and when they sing ‘this is me in grade 9,’ I nod and remember. One time, one of my best friends from Junior/Senior High said, “I want to […]

Spotify began as a free account for me, something I played on my computer before taking the plunge into a subscription. With limited space in my home, the site has allowed me to create playlists and to play some tracks repeatedly in the comfort of my headphones. If you want to get to know a […]

Sometimes I close my eyes and take myself back to New York. It’s two scenes really like the one below, take on my final day on a Central Park bench: The other came from the top of 30 Rock: So much happened on that trip, and my diversion to Albany only encompassed the tip of […]