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Mandatory Spoiler Warning  The following post will discuss events in ‘The Stranger.’ I will not disclose the ending, but other events are fair game and, let’s face it, too good not to discuss. Most people took huge gulps of the series once it went live on January 30, while life made me take the series […]

On my social media feeds, this proved the best way to show how bad my sneezing got from time to time: My head alternated between feeling taken violently off by the next sneeze to getting stuffed so full of metaphorical cotton balls, I had to lay down. One of the Woke Comedy Collective members recommended hot […]

While taking a break from bopping to ‘Cut to the Feeling,’ I decided to take a listen to the Castlevania teaser trailer from Netflix. I already knew about it from Slate, and anything animated gets a good look. I like a well-made motion picture, but I admit to indulging my inner teen/tween/kid with a given […]

The running joke amongst my friends involved the number of times I saw The Avengers. For the record, I saw the film nine times, usually with people going to see it the first time. I went through my fourth viewing of Daredevil, both seasons, never skipping to favourite episodes. I loved the show unfolding in its […]

Sometimes you need to go ahead and do it. Last week, I already planned to cut my landline until I spied an increase in my cable from MTS. My channel group, namely one with the AMC network (Walking Dead, Halt and Catch Fire among others), went from $3.50 to $4.00.  Movie Central adds an extra […]

Note Here there might be spoilers for Daredevil season 2. Proceed if you dare.   Remember all those words about savouring Daredevil on Netflix? It’s a bit like giving up chocolate for Lent, a good intention but never fulfilled in the end. I began watching on Friday night, popping one episode after another like the […]

Friday, March 4th looks like an ordinary day to most people, but it’s an important day for those with a Netflix account. It’s House of Cards release day, with 13 episodes for the taking. How best to view them? For some, it’s a slow unfolding over days, even weeks, but for me it takes it […]