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When a book gets adapted, I look the title up at the Winnipeg Public Library site to see if it’s available or its current status. If the book title involves Richard Armitage, double or triple that curiosity. I took a peek at Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer, a sliding-doors-esque novel with 37 copies and […]

Around page 534 of Wanderers, I made a rare status update while updating my Goodreads books. Holy Crap this book, I wrote making me begin another novel, something fun to overlap it and be the next read.  I continued reading the book, and when I turned the last page, I felt something rarely felt after […]

People make inferences all the time, sometimes tinged with past experiences they miss something major, others times things give off a set of wordless vibes, tucked at the back of your mind until later. For instance, I knew my grade 7 Language Arts class, now called English Language Arts (ELA), had a different makeup of […]

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a bookworm with good intentions, and poor time management skills, will end up taking all the books she took out back to the public library before her fine gets over 25 bucks. That bookworm is me. I get reading droughts, those long stretches of having 57 books and yet […]

Note Time to bring this blog back to its roots. October is Canadian Library Month, and it’s time to talk libraries. Let’s start with when does self-taught end and ‘pulling a Hermione’-running to the library-begin. Futher Note I want to make ‘pulling a Hermione’ a thing. I had periods the self-taught way to learning proved […]

I had 12 books out of the library at one time.  I had a plan, usually involving renewals, with three renewals the going limit until I finally read the book. This time, I decided to return the ten books I had out, including two that reached their limit but finally began reading.  Both books, Blackout […]

Winters mean moving indoors, on my couch, my nose in a book. (There’s only so much Netflix to binge at this point.) It’s no different from summer with me laid out on my new reclining chair, outdoors, letting out the occasional laugh then checking to see if my neighbours heard it. Between audiobooks, e-books, and traditional […]