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Yesterday’s Walking Dead post came from the seat of my pants, especially the prediction I made at around noon yesterday about Enid. First off, kudos to the writers deciding to get the question out of the way with Glenn’s resourcefulness once again saving the say. We also got the guy beloved by viewers, the man […]

Outlander currently films in Prague for season 2, while The Walking Dead makes it première in almost two weeks. It means Bear McCreary, composer for both shows, will have his hands full composing melodies underlying the latest memorable moments. The music site rdio sent me an early Christmas present with the release Outlander’s second half […]

Sunday nights my PVR almost overheat from the shows I record. The Walking Dead has finished, but Mad Men shows its final episodes on AMC, Game of Thrones continues its intrigue on Movie Central, while Outlander captivates on Showcase after breaking for nearly six months. Watching The Walking Dead as people try to outwit humans, […]

I realize keeping geeky things to just Midweek Geekiness will not happen. It’s another reason I like goals not rigid resolutions. If things don’t work out, then I remain flexible to change. I think flexibility will benefit me in a zombie apocalypse. I will not pine for the way things used to be, and simply embrace things […]

After Thanksgiving with the family, I headed over to S’s place to watch the season première of The Walking Dead. It’s safe to say what I will say next, and it applies to Outlander, will contain spoilers for both shows. Why write about both? On one hand, it represents two sides of my tastes. I […]