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I got a lot of advice as a single woman. One woman said it’s better to be single than in a loveless relationship (she was going through a divorce at the time); Another said God needed to make me more patient and keep praying for that right person; More than one person said if you […]

Author Roxane Gay wrote a beautifully concise essay for The Guardian about Valentine’s Day. If I have to assemble a survival kit for the pink-and-red onslaught, I would include it. Among the many meditations about today, this paragraph leaps out as a reminder: This year, I am surrendering to Valentine’s Day – willingly. It is […]

January is a strange month for me.  December brings longer nights and holiday nuttiness, but January turns my brain to mush.  It feels harder to think, tougher to focus, and moodier emotions upon hitting the snooze on my alarm clock.  If I didn’t have the running clinic, I would happily eat, sleep, work, come home, […]