Tag: Winter

Last year I purchased this item, a Phillips brand alarm clock that uses light and bird sound to wake me up: The light simulates a sunrise, an important thing at 5:30 am in a dark room, in mid-November.  Compared to last year, the need to hit snooze has declined, and having my coffeemaker perk at […]

Winnipeg gets its name from a Cree word meaning ‘Muddy Water.’ Another name, one I like better and also comes from Indigenous history, is ‘Turtle Island.’  It suits this city as we like to move at a slow pace in regards to everything. Ever wonder how Winnipeg can move even slower than a turtle? Dump […]

Last winter I knew my mood takes a bit of a dip.  While I look functional, behind the scenes everything felt ten time harder to either start, do, or complete. My goal is to move this blog to a slightly bigger league.  When I am not posting, I am writing, but if I am not […]

Seriously, the warm thought machine felt a little stuck.  Yesterday, I ran with the Learn to Run clinic participants, or those hardy souls willing to come out during -26 with windchill.  It felt colder than that, and I wore pretty good layers.   The edges of my hair turned frosty, and my glasses fogged up a few […]