From Newbie Library Tech To An Emerging Vet

On the surface, I seem like a confident speaker. Usually, I can say things both prepared and improvised although two talks pushed my often submerged nerves to the surface. Both took place in front of the Library Technician students at the college, now divided into year 1 and two thanks to a new admission structure. (Previously, … Continue reading From Newbie Library Tech To An Emerging Vet

How Much Advice Before Breakfast?

It's nearly 8 am and with no milk for coffee, I went to my local café for some scribbling and breakfast. The grocery store opens at 9, allowing me time to stock up on lunch items as the library returns to normal hours. The bright-blue bag in the picture is my grocery bag, ready to … Continue reading How Much Advice Before Breakfast?

Emptied Out And In Full Swing

What's happened to me? In two words, I am alive In another two, maybe four, words, I had the stomach flu. Whatever your imagination just told you, I can assure you it's correct and hellish. I like chicken soup in small quantities and Gatorade even less. I subsisted on both of them in the next-to-last week … Continue reading Emptied Out And In Full Swing

Rebranding or It’s Time For A Change

Call it a rebrand, a retirement, or an old-fashioned needed for a change. I changed the name of the blog from Stacks and Ranges to Scenes from a Life. I started my blog as a sandbox for writing with hopes to turn it into a library blog. I will write about libraries from time to time … Continue reading Rebranding or It’s Time For A Change

And I Will Write 500 Posts, And I Will Write 500 More

In blogging, much like my writing, I fly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes those pants are capris of many different colours, a good pair of blue denim, or in black. I have a germ and off I go. Rather than changing, I adjust much like an airplane makes its adjustments during take-off, landing, … Continue reading And I Will Write 500 Posts, And I Will Write 500 More

Postcards from a Stay-cation: The Two Week Week One

On my calendar, it looks like the end of week one of my three weeks off. In reality, it feels more like I packed two weeks into it. On Monday, the 2016 Writer's Circle read from their works in progress. Later we gathered for the wind up at the home of our facilitator, the sun … Continue reading Postcards from a Stay-cation: The Two Week Week One

The Snow Encore Plus What’s Next

Environment Canada calls today a 'light snow shower.' The snow falls off and on throughout the day, with the temperatures between -5 and -10 depending on, you guessed it, wind chill. (For Americans that's 14-23 degrees Fahrenheit.) Tonight after handing in my final exercise in Reading Fiction POV with Gotham Writer's Workshop, I will switch … Continue reading The Snow Encore Plus What’s Next

A New Book in the Story

I carry a journal in my purse. I adapted the notebook idea from the Natalie Goldberg classic Writing Down the Bones. Goldberg would buy bags based on how well they can carry her notebooks, and I even tried to emulate filling a notebook a month. That's still in progress. I finished my black moleskin during Christmas … Continue reading A New Book in the Story

The Day Jobs That Inspired Famous Authors

Sometimes an infographic helps keep me motivated in my day job. Call it the writer’s paradox. Here’s to writers, both published or not, with day jobs.

Kobo Writing Life

By Stephen Pritchard

To celebrate National Novel Writing Month I wanted to shine a spotlight on famous authors who had written books outside of their working hours by creating an infographic that reminded writers struggling to find time or motivation that a day job doesn’t have to get in the way of being an author.

What soon became obvious is that rather than being a hindrance, jobs could actually be a huge help to authors, as their experiences in the workplace had obviously been a source of inspiration. That must certainly have been true for Stephen King, who was working as a high school teacher when he wrote Carrie, while Joseph Conrad’s journeys to the Congo as a merchant seamen brought his descriptions of the area to life in Heart of Darkness.

You can take a look at the full list of day jobs that inspired famous authors…

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Up For Air IV: Cut Your Losses and Keep Writing

After the success of last year's National Novel Writing Month, this time I had a disaster. The idea did not sustain me over the month and trying to balance it with the Medical Terminology course did not work. I didn't crack 10,000 words. I feel strangely alright with how things went. Either I remain in … Continue reading Up For Air IV: Cut Your Losses and Keep Writing